Integrated Behavioral Health

I Ola Lahui offers integrated
behavioral health services to
help with a variety of concerns for
individuals, couples, families and
groups, to promote overall health
and well-being.

Our team of psychologist offers
specialized services that are
culturally sensitive and

We work closely with physicians
and other members of    
your health care team to bring you
the best coordinated care possible.
Chronic Pain
Trauma Recovery
Grief Management
Smoking Cessation
Stress Management
Anger Management
Weight Management
Adjusting to a
Coping with a
        HMSA's 2013 Annual Report

Why are you moving?

We are very excited about our
move into a new space that will
allow us to grow and expand
our services. We have really
appreciated out time here at
our first home at 677 Ala
Monana and are looking
forward to a great start in our
new location.

Will your phone numbers

Our phone numbers will stay
the same when we move:

I Ola Lahui (808)525-6255
Kulana Hawaii (808) 525-6234

Where do I park?

While there are many parking
options near our new building,
we recommend entering Ala
Moana Center from the Piikoi
Street ramp and bearing left
up to the third floor level of the
parking structure and park in
any available stall at that end.
There is a walkway connecting
the parking structure and park
in any available stall at the
end. There is a walkway
connecting the parking
structure to our building. Take
the building elevator to the
18th floor. Parking is FREE!
Kulana Hawaii OHA Commercial
Dr. Aukahi Austin - Kulana Hawaii interview
           Kūlana Hawai’i Weight Management Program Summary

Need: To improve the health status and overall well-being of Native Hawaiians and other
medically underserved populations in rural areas of Hawai’i.

Intervention: A comprehensive weight management program led by an integrated team of
health professionals who work with participants on making sustainable, lifelong changes.

Results: Statistically significant reductions in weight, BMI, blood pressure, and chronic
disease and pain. Increased physical activity and health knowledge.